Theatre Classes

COURSE #0096 Theatre I (Under the English section)

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Why take Theatre Arts?

Build your confidence!

Get a leg up on the competition!

Make amazing friends!



“Taking Theatre Arts as a freshman gave me so many valuable acting skills that I am now able to use throughout my three remaining years of high school.”-Laney Pleasanton ’16



“I moved to Downingtown in the middle of my junior year majorly lacking confidence. I joined the theatre department, auditioned for the shows, and have been going to all of the DETA events and I have never felt happier and more confident! These people are simply the best!” – Tiana Estremera ’14

Hermia Panics


“Theatre Arts has provided a wonderful opportunity to not only make friends, but also develop my skills as both an actor and a techie! After taking 2 years of Theatre Arts, I was able to intern this year and help younger students develop their skills too!” Brandon Carcella ’16

COURSE #0096 Theatre I (Under the English section)

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